How to publish Hindi Poems Online ?

I have come across several questions from individuals and Hindi poets who are asking for the right platform for publishing Hindi Poems online. As most of Hindi poets have a low level of awareness about Internet, thus this problem is an obvious one.

What is Exact Problem with Poets?

I am here to solve the problem and educate all those who face such problems. All those poets can get an easy to use platform for publishing their Hindi poems. Anyone who has just basic knowledge of the internet can do publishing of their poems with a few clicks of the mouse.

What Hindi Poets Wants?

As they have a low level of knowledge about internet thus they want easy to use and that doesn’t involve any cost and technical expertise from their end. There should be simplicity just like sending emails.

What is the Solution?

The solution lies with the portal that offers easy to use features. There is one online portal that offers such facility which is running on WordPress Platform. The name of this platform in “Hindi Sahitya Kavya Sanklan”. You may search this term in Google, and find out all the information about this portal.

Anyone can publish Hindi poems online here while they need not maintain the website, no need to design a website. There are many benefits of publishing poems here. You may to this portal and register yourself as an author and just start publishing the poems. If your name doesn’t exist here, then that can be included easily by sending a simple mail to author. Moreover, the administrator of this site provides simple guidelines for doing everything.

In this portal you can publish poems of other poets also who is listed there as a poet. In this way you can contribute growth Hindi literature. Watch the YouTube video below that explain about registration in this portal.