How to publish Hindi Poems Online ?

I have come across several questions from individuals and Hindi poets who are asking for the right platform for publishing Hindi Poems online. As most of Hindi poets have a low level of awareness about Internet, thus this problem is an obvious one.

What is Exact Problem with Poets?

I am here to solve the problem and educate all those who face such problems. All those poets can get an easy to use platform for publishing their Hindi poems. Anyone who has just basic knowledge of the internet can do publishing of their poems with a few clicks of the mouse.

What Hindi Poets Wants?

As they have a low level of knowledge about internet thus they want easy to use and that doesn’t involve any cost and technical expertise from their end. There should be simplicity just like sending emails.

What is the Solution?

The solution lies with the portal that offers easy to use features. There is one online portal that offers such facility which is running on WordPress Platform. The name of this platform in “Hindi Sahitya Kavya Sanklan”. You may search this term in Google, and find out all the information about this portal or you can go directly at

Anyone can publish Hindi poems online here while they need not maintain the website, no need to design a website. There are many benefits of publishing poems here. You may to this portal and register yourself as an author and just start publishing the poems. If your name doesn’t exist here, then that can be included easily by sending a simple mail to author. Moreover, the administrator of this site provides simple guidelines for doing everything.

In this portal you can publish poems of other poets also who is listed there as a poet. In this way you can contribute growth Hindi literature. Watch the YouTube video below that explain about registration in this portal.

Low Carb Diet Results

Low Carb Diet Results After 1 Week or 3 Weeks

Do you know how many carbs in a low carb diet. Low Carb Diet Results may vary person to person. Have your questioned and tried to know about low carb diet results after 1 weeks, 2 weeks or 3 weeks ?

There are the question that need to be answered for those who want to lose the weight seriously by Low Carb Diets.

I did a comprehensive research and found several guides and eBooks (both paid and free). I have concluded that one book titled Low Carb Diet Plan for Weight Loss is the perfect eBook if you want concise and perfect information.

Nevertheless, we will have here a quality information in summary form. Every diet that we take has different value of carb in it. That available carb makes our body in that way.

Low Carb Diet result after 1 week : After 1 week of starting the low carb diet you will the reduction in weight although it might be different in different persons. Few may lose 2 pound and other may 5 also but results may vary.

Low Carb Diet result after 3 weeks : Similarly, person who is following low carb diet will see considerable results in 3 weeks of time.

Sustainable Living and Green Living Ideas

Sustainable Living and Green Living is generally being used interchangeably. The concept of both are almost same. In both the concept of living, it is encouraged to have lifestyle that it good for your and family health along with good for environment also.

You can get more ideas about it at Sustainable Living Wikipedia resource. They define that there three main constituent of the this type living. They stress on maintaining the ecology to keep everything on the earth as it is for future use of our generation to come.

Sustainable Living Ideas and Tips are also available at other resources like in Smashwords and Amazon that you can access for free and for paid version. Nevertheless, paid version are better in quality but you can try few free also. Link of one such eBook is given below.

You can have more ideas here about Sustainable Living Ideas and Tips on Smashwords & Amazon and start living the life you wanted to live in your dream. You will find many choices of sustainable living in 21st century here. This is nice place to get an idea about it.

Under sustainable living you will have your own garden for vegetables, fruits as for as possible. If anything that are not available with you then you can buy it for nearest market available at you location. This will a lot of money form your pocket as well as fossil fuel of your cal car.

You may be doing the generation of power at your home by solar energy and wind energy. Though it is possible to generate energy by the methods also bit these two are the most popular methods of doing this.

About 15 % of the total expenditure we do on the power bills and saving on this item could give us high relief to us. Also, you can generate this energy at your current home where you can have high saving on your current electricity bills.

You can have chicken in your home for eggs and meat in future. These will give a fresh and nutritious eggs & meat. You will have good taste and peace of mind together. Your kids will also enjoy the life in the place where you live. There nice YouTube video about sustainable living for the kids (Link given below, click to view).

There are various choices for sustainable living in 21st century that have significance in the life of every individuals. The hectic life schedule in 21st century has made everything difficult to sustains the tension free life. The only way remain is living with the nature. There has been several calamities in the recent past that shown us that nature in supreme and we people should respect that message.

All of us have to realize the power of nature and way environment is getting affected by humans. Large area of forest has been converted into residential area of human of for other purposes. The nature, sometimes signals us to be careful but we generally ignore. So, let us put our effort to restore the environment in the way it want us to maintain.

Hindi Poems for Children

Hindi Poems for Kids

Hindi Poems are mainly popular to the people who are Hindi speaking and they mostly live in India, Nepal. Although Hindi has crossed the borders for several decades but still the limitation remains to be eradicated.

We are here to tell you some thing about literature that important to understand here. Hindi literature very rich in foundation as well as in culture. The knowledge of Hindi very old and it has richness to the tune of thousand years old.

Initially language Sanskrit was being spoken by the ancient people in Indian sub-continent. But due to practical difficulty, people have adopted Hindi, which has come out from Sanskrit language itself.

What is Hindi Poem ?

There is type of literature that is evolved in ancient times during the era of Kings which is in the form of songs. This type of literature is useful for many ways to express the feelings of a person. There has been several poets in old days who are famous and they are found in every country. There are several poets in English also that are famous and well known to everyone.

Here are talking about hindi poems for children or Kids . This type of poems is written for kids only. The care is taken while writing such poem that it is useful for kids and they give certain message for learning for the children. Most important characteristics of these poem is this that these should be easy to understand and easy to read and sing.

Now, where to publish hindi poems without any problems ? This is most important question as most the poet find it difficult to get their work recognised and published with reputed publisher. Thus we have come with solution of online publishing of the poems. The main characteristics of this platform is seamless and free to use.

Learn Hindi Numbers in Hindi at Youtube Video Here

Find us at Weebly at Hindi Poems Publishing for Free

Motorola Moto E Review

Review of Mobile Handset Moto E by Motorola


Motorola has come up with it’s new mobile handset Moto E after it’s successful launch of Moto g.

This new mobile handset launched in India at very low prices and that is available at flipkart at Rs 6999/- after giving 50 % discount. Motorola is the premium brand as for as mobile handset or mobile hardware is concerned.

Buy Motorola Moto E

If you want to buy Motorola Moto E handset at cheapest rate in India at Flipkart then you must the video given below or Click Here. This is most trusted online shopping site in India as of now.

Key Features of Moto E (Black) are given below

  1. Android v4.4 (KitKat) OS
  2. Wi-Fi Enabled
  3. FM Radio
  4. 1.2 GHz MSM8x10 Dual Core Processor
  5. Dual Standby SIM (GSM + GSM)
  6. 5 MP Primary Camera
  7. 4.3-inch Touchscreen

You may watch Motorola Moto E Review below in the video

The company has done large market research and it is very careful as it has already lost it’s market in the past. It was one of the market leader in India for mobile handset during year 2004-07. But it has lost everything to Nokia which has emerged as biggest player in the market.

It’s rear camera is of 5 Mp which gives very good performance. Wi-Fi  is 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz which is one of the main advantage of the set.

It work in all type of mobile network at various frequencies. It can work in UMTS, CDMA, AWS, QGSM and GSM. This feature of the set makes universal mobile hand set.

It has dual SIM option, Micro SIM, MicroUSB, supports USB 2.0 and 3.5 mm headset jack.

Detail Specification :


4GB user storage
MicroSD slot supports up to 32GB expandable memory


4.3 inches
540 x 960 qHD, 256ppi
Features anti-smudge coating and Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

Dimensions and weight

Height: 124.8mm
Width: 64.8mm
Depth: 12.3mm (6.2mm at edges)
Weight: 142g


Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion, 1980mAh
Mixed usage up to 24 hours

Other details are available at

Watch the reveiw video below